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Amazon Ads can be a massive time and money sink. Spending hours searching for keywords and watching them burn your precious ad budget.

On one account, BookBot eliminated 32% of the ad spend and sales 馃殌. With just two clicks!! Read on to find out more...

Get your books in front of buyers (not browsers)!

You only want buyers looking at your Amazon Ads, not browsers (they click and waste your royalties). BookBot ensures your books are more likely to show in front of people who actually interested in buying your book... not just browsing / clicking.

How? It's all about the search terms! Search terms are what readers type into the Amazon search bar or similar books they are looking at. Your book has to match the intent of the search:

Example... your book is adult romance, but Amazon is showing your book to teen romance readers (they searched 'teen romance'). It is highly unlikely this reader will buy your book, but they may click out of interest and waste your ad spend.

How does BookBot save you $$$?

BookBot scours your search term report and makes recommendations for eliminating search terms and ASINs which are burning up your royalties. BookBot then automates the process to eliminate wasted spend while you sleep.

And it gets better, your sales will 馃殌. By eliminating the bad apples, Amazon will put your ad budget towards buyers who are interested in your book

Free Early Beta Access

BookBot is open for free early BETA access in the next two weeks. Sign up and see how much you could save.


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Does this conform to AMS rules? Somehow I really doubt it.

Hi Mark,

I appreciate your concerns. Just to clarify, we use Amazon's own API which they provide for this very purpose. Without Amazon's consent and systems this app would not exist. We had to go through legal vetting with Amazon in order to get access to the API.

There are many existing services which manage your Amazon PPC. Most are for 'sellers', we wanted to focus on authors.
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