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Introduction and Hello

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Hallo all! 

I do hope I'm posting in the right spot... just wanted to say Hi, and introduce myself.  I'm Greg Tremblay, a voice actor and audiobook narrator.  I've joined the boards at the nudging of a couple of authors and reviewers I know because I was expressing frustration with how many authors want to get into audio and don't seem to have the resources they need.

Please feel free to PM or email me, and I will be hanging around and trying not to make a nuisance of myself!  I'll be putting together a yellow pages ad shortly if anyone wants services... but I'm also just more than happy to talk audio, books in general, and many other things.

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Hi, GT!

(That used to be my handle when I drove a cab in LALA Land, many, many moons ago.)

Welcome to the greatest place on the planet; well, at least on the net.  ;)

Best, Kirk.
Hi and welcome.
Welcome Greg! :) -waves-
Greg is the narrator for my Space Opera, and is a dream to work with.
:D  Thanks for the welcome everyone, and Hi there Endi!  :)  I was wondering if you were on here.
Greetings Greg
I'm glad you've joined us, KBoarders are the nicest people on the planet IMHO :D
Hi and welcome Greg. Always happy to talk audiobooks.

I invite you to put your soundcloud link in your signature.
What an excellent idea!  Tho actually I'm including a few other links.

What a vibrant community!  I'm relatively certain I'll only ever get to really experience a fraction of the site... so many awesome people!
Hello and welcome, Greg. This place is a great resource!  ;)
Welcome aboard. Lots of friendly people here. ~~waves~~
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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