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Even on Amazon a 3-star rating is not "bad". It is about the equivalent of "It's ok but I don't love it."

You are more likely to get them at Librarything and Goodreads than Amazon, I think. I have found in general the toughest reviewers seem to be at Librarything.

Let's see. For a comparison my Freedom's Sword has its only 1 star rating on Goodreads (with no review), 2 3-star, 3 4-star, and 5 5-star ratings for an average of 4.09.

Librarything allows 1/2 stars which I like. There Freedom's Sword has 1 3-star review, 4 3.5 star reviews, 3 4-star reivews, 1 4.5-star review, and 1 5-star review for an average rating of 3.95.

On Amazon Freedom's Sword has 8 5-star and 4 4-star reviews for an average of 4.7.

I think maybe people many people on Amazon don't review if they can't give at least 4 stars. Anyway there is a marked difference.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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