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Patrick1980 said:
Thanks, Patty, I appreciate your candor. This is one those "I heard it on a podcast" things...Not something that I'm advocating myself.

If I may extrapolate a bit, then, from what you said: It really only makes sense to have an audiobook done when the proceeds from print and ebook (which again, most of us can manage solo) are high enough so that the investment in the audiobook doesn't put the balance sheet for a given title in the red. If you have to wonder, "will I make my money back?" then wait.

This might also suggest that while the DIY approach is possible, it isn't the best use of most authors' time.
Taken seriously by who? I don't think that's true and I wouldn't worry about it. Audio is expensive and in my experience, it didn't make sense to do it until it was a no-brainer--when I made more in one day than the cost of an audio. I have found that audio sales relate to ebook sales. When I tried audio a few years back, I spent almost 1k and it was quickly apparent I wasn't going to earn out for a long time. I was still in the hole when I decided last year to try it again--but this time it was in a new book that was selling well. Even though that audio was more than double the price--I went with a more in demand narrator, and paid $400/hr, it was worth it and in less than two months both audios were paid off. Now I release audio with every new book and they earn out in less than a month. I wouldn't do it until you can easily afford it and the demand is there. Or if you are dying to do it, you could always explore royalty share. I've never done that though. I don't want to tie it up for 7 years and only get half the money. But it is an option, some people love it. And it would let you get into audio sooner---but if your books aren't steady sellers it may be harder to find a narrator willing to do royalty share.
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