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Is Kindle For Kids killing indie sales of children's books?

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The new service for kids allows unlimited borrowing, but none of the books are self published at this time.

Are any authors of children's books feeling the impact of this service?

Do you think they will add self pubs eventually?
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Just as I suspected: no one cares about children's books! LOL  ::)
Reserving judgment. I wouldn't necessarily want to see it extended to YA....
It's pretty limited in scope since it's only on the Fires, but eventually, it could.

We sell more paperback than ebooks for our kid titles.
I know nothing about ebooks for kids, so can't comment. This is the first I've heard of Kindle for Kids.
Are you referring to Kindle Free Time? Both of my kids ( 9 & 5 ) have Fires and I have all of their content curated through Free Time. Free Time provides lots of books, videos and apps that are age appropriate but you can easily add anything you want to the Free Time section of the Kindle. I buy many Indie titles for my kids--my 5 year old and I read books on his Kindle every single night and my daughter far prefers reading her Kindle to paper books.

I will say that the books included in the Free Time library are only so-so. Many of them appear to have been scanned in so that all you get are images and I am not a fan of those books. There are a number of books on there that read the book to the child or contain some kind of interactive content. Those books are really great.

I think as more and more kids get their own Kindles and iPads there will be more of a market for kids books on the Kindle. Now would be a great time to start building your backlist!
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