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I currently use Booksprout and love the service, but every one of my books has been pirated from Booksprout.

I make slight changes to the books I uploaded there, before publishing on Amazon, so I know my books that pop up on a popular piracy site are coming directly from Booksprout (because the file on the piracy site always matches the version of the story that has ONLY appeared on Booksprout).

Whenever I try to report the issue their piracy prevention system claims it found no link between the pirated book and the file I posted to their site. For the reason I stated above, I know this is false and their system is bad at catching pirates (at least when it comes to my books).

I'm looking for alternative services and don't hear great things about other review sites for my type of stories, other than Hiddem Gems, which you have to book an ARC for months in advance.

I think StoryOrigin might be my only option at this point.

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