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Is the Power Switch Supposed to be Loose? (Kindle 3)

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My Kindle 3 came in and I noticed the power switch is a little loose. Of course it slides from side to side, but is it supposed to be able to giggle up and down?

I am nitpicky and this bothered me quite a bit. I'm still within the first 30 days as well.

Also, has anyone gotten a replacement? If you have, how was it?
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My on/off switch seems to be in there pretty tight. I've never tried exchanging a Kindle but I imagine if you told customer service there was a problem they'd take it back. Amazon is usually pretty good about that sort of thing.
My switch doesn't move up and down, it's snug.

Call or email Kindle Customer Service.  They'll most likely just mail you out a new one and then you can return the original when it gets there.  That way you won't have to be without your K while you wait. Since your within your 30 days they'll send you a new Kindle not a refurb.

I've got the number programmed into my cell. ;D Kindle CS 1-866-321-8851.
My power switch is loose and always has been - I assumed that was normal until I ordered my mom a KSO and her switch was tighter. I've had my K3 since October with no problems, turning it off and on multiple times each day. It's up to you if you want a replacement, though. I'm pretty sure Amazon would accommodate you ;)
I was bothered by it so much I've decided to return my Kindle.
I'm glad I decided within the first 30 days!

I went to Wal*Mart and looked at their switches.  Mine was definitely looser.

When I called Kindle Service, they told me that they would send me a a refurbished Kindle regardless of me being within the first 30 days.

I'm just going to buy one at Best Buy or online again.  Anything but Wal*Mart. ;)
My K3 power switch is funny - it's snug enough, but sometimes it glides quite smoothly, while at other times it seems to resist very slightly. I don't think it's a big deal, though.
Yeah, it's not supposed to be loose at all. I think that Amazon will be very gracious about letting you get a replacement (I replaced mine because of a loose page turn button and a tight power switch).
If you look at any of the tear downs for the K3 you will see that the spring for the power slide is a very thin metal wire; hence the 'loose' feel of the slide. With this design, you can see why the variance of tightness/looseness between examples. Search google for Kindle 3 tear down and you'll see what I'm describing.

Our house hold has had 3 different K3's and all exhibited less than solid power slides to varying degrees. They all functioned properly regardless.
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