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Is the weather flip-flopping in your part of the county?

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In the past few days the weather seems to have gone topsy-turvy in many parts of the US.  Chilly in southern CA and in the 60s in Washington DC, for example.

Here in this part of Oregon temps have been in the high 20s, so, while not a complete change, it is 20-25 degrees chillier than usual for this time of year.

How is it where you are?
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With the exception of one blizzard scare that was only a modest snowfall, we've had a mild winter, but yesterday very air moved in, and is expected to stay the rest of the week.  And next week, we may have another blizzard scare, though that's just a possibility at this point.
I am in South Texas. I am used to flip flopping in winter.  :D

We were in the 70's yesterday. My loft got to 80 degrees. I refused to turn on the AC.  Then the temp made a 30 degree nosedive. So by tomorrow I am down to 48/30  :eek: :eek:.
It also means that folks will be running around in their puffed up fur lined coats looking like an Eskimo.  ;D.

We long for the days when its just hot hot hot same everyday. Usually spring through summer and fall.  :D
Yes.  It was almost 60 degrees on Friday.  Now it will not even make it to 30 degrees.
I live in Southwest Florida and while it's usually warmer here than in the rest of the country, we've had unusually high temps in the mid to high 80s. It's normally in the 75 degree range this time of year.

Our weather is pretty crazy here. One day you need a coat to go out, the next you don't, but two days after that it snows. Speaking of which, there's snow in my backyard right now...  It's hard to know how to dress the kids for school.
Unexpectedly warm here though the weather is still not very good.  Hope it warms up in SoCal before we  get there next month!

DreamWeaver said:
Countin' on it!

So my first glance at the title had me thinking you were asking about 'flip-flop weather' - the kind where you can wear sandals!

Here in Northern CA (just south of SF on the peninsula) it's been darn cold.  Saturday I worked an open house that had no heat with the doors open in a dress and heels, about an hour into it I couldn't feel my toes.  I'm guessing it was in the low 50's at the highest with a super cold breeze.  Sunday wasn't too different, I was at a house with heat but the doors were all open in the living room so it was chilly.  After two days in the cold, I'm planning on wearing my Uggs all day long!

I think this is unseasonably cold for us but I know whining about temps being in the 50's is probably not gonna go over well here.  Yes, we Californians are soft!
It's done flipping here in northern IN. We had the 50's over the weekend with lots of rain, which caused flooding when added to the melting snow. Now it's in the 30's for a high and headed to the 20's...teens by next weekend...brr.
Yeah, we had a couple nights with lows around -5 F between Christmas and New Years, and a foot and a half of snow (we like snow). This past week it's been quite warm (upper 40's) and ALL the snow melted. Thursday night we're looking at a low of 4F. Very strange.
kindlequeen said:
Yes, we Californians are soft!

Where I live in NorCal, it's been dropping into the upper 20's at night, which is near record-breaking around here. Our high temperature on Sunday was 45 degrees. Yesterday morning, I was grumbling and griping to myself about the cold (it was in the mid 30's) as I walked from the parking lot into my office. I am a born and raised Californian--and for me, this weather is too.darn.cold!

Edited to add that there are three guys in my office who are from Kansas, Minnesota, and Michigan, and they are all walking around in short sleeves laughing at the rest of us who are griping around the office about how cold it has been lately. ;)
I blame El Nino.
We had 3 days of winter temperatures this week (actually had "freezing" temperatures!).  Of course, that still meant I wandered around with shorts, flip-flops, and tank top/t-shirts on (garnering the looks of "Is he crazy" from everyone else). 
Monday we didn't quite hit 60F here in northern NJ. Today we didn't quite make it to freezing -- I think it's the first day of 2013 we stayed at or below 32F. Looks like Monday we won't get above 27F or so -- seems to be a pretty good swing for one week, though admittedly NJ is not known for steady weather patterns, being pretty much smack dab in the middle of the battleground between the winter air masses coming out of Canada and the Midwest versus those pushing up from the Gulf states.
I'm in Raleigh, NC and we were in the 70s last week and it snowed last night. I was all melted by morning. We tend to have mild winters here, though I'm not sure if it's ever been this mild.
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