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Is there an interest or demand for series/trilogy covers?

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Some of you know me as the avid reading lady who enjoys doing cover mock-ups. Since I often don't have anything to work on when the designing mood strikes me, I decided to subscribe to a stock site to have material to work with. To pay for my subscription & support my habit, I'll be offering covers at affordable prices.

I'm thinking of doing sets of 3 matching pre-made covers for series or serials & was wondering if there was enough interest in that. I've done one set so far, but I'm not sure if I should do more. ??? What do you guys think... is there a demand for pre-made series covers? I'd appreciate any input! :)

To test the waters, I've just recently opened an Etsy shop. It's pretty empty at the moment & I plan to eventually add more pre-mades & possibly more series. Since kboards is one of my favorite haunts, I'm offering $5 off each cover order with the coupon code: kboards. Bayou Cover Designs
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Nice covers! I'd say yes, definitely in the PNR genre
Great covers!

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Oh, and yes. There's definitely a need for series premades.

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Everyone is writing in a series, so I think this would be in high-demand. And if you do the 3 covers for $50, I think that will be extremely affordable for new authors starting out.
Very nice looking covers! I wish you the best of luck!
Yes, definitely! I looked far and wide for something like this before settling for three separately designed covers - which definitely came at a premium. This would be great for new authors looking to rapid-release right out of the gate and don't have a huge budget.
Thanks! :) I will plan to get a few more sets done & concentrate on PNR, NA & romance.

mel p said:
Everyone is writing in a series, so I think this would be in high-demand. And if you do the 3 covers for $50, I think that will be extremely affordable for new authors starting out.
Very nice looking covers! I wish you the best of luck!
I had that goal in mind... affordable covers for new authors, short stories, etc. Plus, with the $5 off kboards discount code, the trio of covers end up at $45. ;)
Yes the 3 set covers are perfect for romance trilogies, which are very popular right now. Nice work. Good luck.
cagnes I'm so happy to find another Mercy Thompson fan. LOVE HER!
Nice covers! Great work. I like the series trilogy packages. It's a good way to get a deal for buying the series up front and a good motivator to finish writing the three books.  ;D
Definitely a demand...right here, actually. I've already started shopping for my new YA trilogy because so few people do them. Haven't found anything suitable yet, so I'll be watching to see what you come up with.  ;D
Yes, I am currently shopping for series covers (seven books, maybe more, in one of mine) and it's a challenge to find something for that many.  Also trilogies.  Scifi/fantasy and PNR genres. 

Good on you for making them, and I'll keep watching to see what you come up with!
Yes, also interested.


The longer the series, the harder the find (same model stock). Like, 5-6+ books? Add YA to that, and yeah, nightmare.
I actually started working on mock-ups of a YA series, but scratched that since I wasn't sure if YA sets would sell. One of the hardest things for me is to look through stock & decide on something that I think someone may want. I find lots of things I like, but I don't if they'd be sell-able.

So, I'll put this out there...  if anyone would like to see a particular trilogy, just pm me a few details. I use & if you'd like to send me links to photos that interest you, I'll do up a series with them if I think it's something that I can work with. You'd more or less be getting custom, want you want at a pre-made price.

Also, I can do more than 3 in the series if there is enough good related stock to support that. Plus, any single covers that I already have done up can also be expanded into a series, depending on the stock available.

I design the covers in my spare time & I'll be pretty busy for the next 2 weeks, but after that I'll be free to play around some more.  :)
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Cagnes rocks!

Don't let her site fool you, she did the cover for my one and only book and it's in the Fantasy genre and has received a lot of positive comments on how professional and great it looks.

Highly recommended, wonderful to work with!

Go Cagnes!  :-*
RachelSilbes said:
cagnes I'm so happy to find another Mercy Thompson fan. LOVE HER!
Big Mercedes fan here too, best werewolf books ever.

Cagnes, I'm bookmarking this thread.
I'm taking advantage of KU and have recently started writing serials as well as novellas (which I often write in trilogies), so finding someone affordable for multiple covers is pretty hard. Yours look quality and affordable. I suspect quite a lot of authors will be trying serials to adapt their writing to the KU market and so I don't think you will have any trouble selling sets of covers. I'm another one who's always looking for out for YA and PNR. But I suspect that Romance and Erotica will be your biggest sellers.
Yes I like to write in trilogies and serials of three and affordable matching ones are rare!!!

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I am definitely interested! I just outlined a three-part rock star romance. I will definitely be looking for contemporary romance covers, both dark and gritty as well as light and sweet. I am writing a bit of everything under three pen names!
Nice covers and I'm already eyeballing one for a WIP.  ;D If it's okay with you, I can add a link to your site on the page on my website with self-publishing info. I have links to a few cover designers, from pre-made  to custom. I have a little self-publishing help meetup I've been doing once a month in real life and always direct those who are interested to look to my site for links. (editors and covers mostly)
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