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There is no such thing as too many gadgets (or too much chocolate  ;D).  I have:

Kindle (always first on the list)
Digital camera
3rd gen iPod
iPod shuffle
Motorola Q cell phone
Toshiba laptop
Dell desktop
Dell laptop (work computer)
4 other TVs
Wireless router for cable internet
3 VCRs
4 DVD players
Super NES

I plan to add a 32GB iTouch to the collection in the spring.

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Let's see, I have the following gadgets:

One Kindle.
Two Mac computers-- an IMac and a Macbook
One Sony Vio laptop which is soon to go to a good home
Three Ipods
A GPS system which I bought to use on a long drive I had planned and which I didn't do. This will probably go to one of my sons
Two cameras. One is small and lives in my purse. The other is not small.
A set of noise-suppressing earphones which stay in my suitcase and are used on plane trips
A pedometer which is attached to my sock on my right leg. {Since I have a limp on my left side, this is the only place it will record steps reasonably accurately}
A cell phone


41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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