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So I have a novella / novelette series, Star Wanderers, that I haven't really promoted at all, but seems to be doing fairly well. It consists right now of the following titles:

Part I: Outworlder (perma-free since October)
Part II: Fidelity ($.99)
Part III: Sacrifice ($.99)
Part IV: Homeworld ($2.99)

I would like to add a few more books to the series and possibly start promoting Part I a little more actively. I don't have much experience with book promotion, though, so I'd like to compare a bit with other people who have followed the same perma-free strategy to figure out what works, and whether I'm in a good position with this series to try pushing it a little more.

Part I: Outworlder is currently on two Amazon lists, where it's pretty much been since it went free in October:

Kindle Store > ... > Science Fiction > Space Opera (where it currently bounces between 20-40)
Kindle Store > ... > Science Fiction > Adventure (where it currently bounces between 50-100)

It gets between 110 and 150 downloads per week, without any kind of promotional push. Currently, it has a 3.9 star rating on Amazon with 17 reviews (3.73 out of 11 ratings on Goodreads).

The numbers have stabilized since the holiday season, so I have a fair amount of data to draw from. Right now, it looks like the conversion rate between Part I and Part II is about 12:1, and the conversion rate between Part II and Part IV is about 2.3:1. In other words, for about every 12 people who download Part I in a given month, one person goes on to buy Part II, and for every 2-3 people who buy Part II, one goes on to finish the rest of the series (these numbers only count Amazon, but the averages are fairly similar across all the other retailers (except Kobo, which doesn't track free downloads)).

So it seems like there's at least some appeal for this series, which would justify giving it a little more of a promotional push. However, I'm not quite sure. For those of you who are following are following a similar strategy (series with first title perma-free), how do these numbers look to you? Are they pretty good, or is something still lacking? And if they are good, how would you suggest going about promoting the series?

I'm not much of a marketer, so I really have no idea how book promotion works. I figure it's easier to invite people to buy something if the first one is free, and that seems to have worked fairly well so far. But I can't afford to spend a whole lot of money figuring out how what works and what doesn't, which is why I figured it would be best to come here.

So yeah. What do you guys suggest?
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