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Is this Necessary on the Kindle?

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One of our upcoming books will have a large number of in-line illustrations combined with text.  They will all have to be full-screen, as getting text to flow around images properly in both orientations is not entirely functional.

We also have five comics with full-page illustrations.  On the Kindle Fire (and I expect on many other touch devices) the reader can double-tap an illustration to make it go to full-screen/zoomable mode. 

This isn't obvious however, and I'm wondering if it would be worth it to include instructions at the beginning of books with illustrations that this is an option?
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As the moderator for a forum of Kindle users, I would say it's a good idea, based on the questions I've had to answer in the past about images, footnotes, notes, etc.  People don't always understand how to look at them and then get back to the main book.  It shouldn't take up much space.  I can't see a down side to including the information.  And I can see people getting frustrated and returning the books or giving them negative reviews for usability.

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