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I have a very basic ebook reader that is not Kindle. I am looking to change it to something newer but I have one bit issue with all the readers, and I wonder if perhaps Kindle has a solution for it. Namely, easier access to pages. The reader I have, has a small slider at the bottom of the screen but it is anything BUT precise. I want to check something from three pages ago and I land the start, and forget at being able to get back to the spot you were currently reading. Does any of the Kindle readers have such a function that makes it easier to jump from page to page or bookmark necessary spots?

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You can use the "Go To" feature to go to a particular location, page or chapter, or to the beginning or end of the book, TOC etc.

Not all Kindle books support page numbers so that option may not always be available - but you can add as many bookmarks as you want or use the highlighting feature.

There is also an option (can't remember the official name for it!) where you can display your current page and the ones immediately before and after it in a small display over your current page and move several pages backwards and forwards at once to find what you want.

I may not be explaining it clearly but if you go to Amazon support pages and download a copy of the user guide(s) you can read about it in detail.
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