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My Kindle was delivered today!  I charged it up and have been playing with it for the past couple of hours.  The screen looks very nice, although I could not test it in direct sunlight as it was drizzling this evening in NYC.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so I will check it out then.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Although I have never seen a KK, the text on my K2 is very crisp.  I wear glasses with a pretty strong prescription, but I was able to read even the smallest text level without difficulty.  I notice the the brighter the reading light the more "white" the background appears to look.

The reader came with Version 2.0 software installed.  I am resisting the urge to manually update to 2.02.  Want to see if it will happen on its own.

I also received my Amazon cover.  The hinge system is very cool indeed and overall I like the cover.  That being said there may be a Oberon cover in my future!  I'm leaning for the Tree of Life in saddle.  I will go with the straps rather than the velcro as I really don't want to stick anything to the K2 (well except for a screen protector - which is on order).

In additon to the screen protector I also ordered a Mighty Bright Book light at the time I ordered the K2, but neither has shipped yet.  Lastly I order the Kwik Tec Dry Pac yesterday and got a shipping notice today.

Anyway I finally know what you all have been raving about!

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