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It arrived at my door at about 1:00. I was asleep (worked last night), but awoke instantly when my boyfriend stepped into the bedroom with box in hands. Sat up in bed and immediately tore into the box.......hmm, invoice, couple of ads from Amazon and partner...........big cardboard contraption (OH you unbend these corner thingies) then.........shrink wrapped white box. Opened slowly savoring the last of the antici....pation.

From reading all the boards I did the right thing and opened the left side first to remove my power cord, then opened the all important right side. Pulled the kindlecrate looking thing out, placed my cover aside and lifted the beauty. Plugged her in and fired her up. Then, nearly had a heart attack at how slowly (my perception in my anticipatory state) it took for it to start up. But, once it did, oh boy. Quickly got a very strong (full bars) whispernet signal. My cell phone won't even do that here. Then, promptly read for an hour before testing out all the bells and whistles.

I am in love.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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