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It's here. It's here! It's HERE!!!

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And I am not even opening it.

You see, I already have a K1 which I love passionately.  I had attempted to purchase another as a combination Christmas/Birthday/House Warming gift for my older sister, who has recently downsized into MUCH smaller accommodations.  Well, like many I got caught up in the "out of stock" situation, and then found myself upgraded to K2.

I'm not opening it, because tomorrow I shall wrap it in lots of bubble paper, pack it in a veritable ton of packing peanuts (because I just KNOW she'll hate having those in her apartment) and shipping the K2 to the far end of the country.  I'm not looking at it, because I want to remain perfectly content with my decision to keep what I have and give her the newer technology.  (After all, given how long it took me to get on board with K1, there is no way I would have found it necessary to upgrade to K2.  I drive a 10 year old Honda, for goodness sake.)

We can register the K2 after its new owner has the opportunity to be the first to lay hands on him.
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You are a very, very kind sister. There is a special place in heaven for people with hearts as big as yours!

I am sure your sister will be thrilled with her gift. Happy reading!

Wow...that is some incredible self-discipline you have!  I'm not certain I could resist the urge to take just one...little....PEEK!
You are an awesome sister and a great friend! Don't you wish you could be there to watch as she opens the package?? :)
Figment - you are one terrific lady!
What a sweetheart! (BTW, I'm sending a link to this thread to MY sister......)
What sweet sister you are. I have 2 sisters and I love them dearly, but I would just have to open the package. ;D
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