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I've Been Hoping for This for a Long Time

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I subscribe to a number of Amazon newsletters and belong to quite a few Goodreads groups, so obviously my emails are flooded with announcements about books. I'd just about given up on checking for my own. Then I discovered that my YA Paranormal Mystery novel, Shade, is the book for this month's Featured Book Spotlight in the Writers and Readers Goodreads group. I checked about three times to make sure and contacted the group moderator to see if Shade is open for discussion there. It is! Now I know this isn't the same as being a featured book on the entire Goodreads site, but still I'm thrilled. If you've read Shade and would like to post a discussion comment or if you'd just like to ask me a question over there, I'd be thrilled. Here's the link:
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That's awesome! Wooo! Go Marilyn!

Wow! What a milestone!! Congrats :)
Congratulations on this!
Congrats! That must be a great feeling  :)
Cool! I"m happy for you.  :)
Thanks so much, everyone!  :)
Great news!  Well done, Marilyn!

Good for you!! Best of luck!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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