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Yes, I realize this is a Kindle forum :D but I know that some people still buy paper books if a good opportunity comes along, and I have a great deal! I bought Kindle versions of all my J.D. Robb books in the near-future "In Death" series featuring NY homicide lieutenant Eve Dallas, and am looking to sell my paper versions. Most are paperback, some are hardbacks. I did have the entire series, but gave a few to my mom to round out her collection (mom always gets first dibs ;)), so there are a few holes that could easily be filled by Kindle versions or other cheap paperbacks bought off Amazon, or eBay.

Offering only as a set for now, I'd rather not sell as individual books if possible. Asking $1.00 per book plus shipping, and you get two anthologies, each featuring an Eve Dallas novella, for free -- that's 22 books for $20 total plus shipping, including the 2 free books!

Some books were bought new, some used; all are in readable condition. You get the following (paperback unless otherwise noted):

#1 - Naked in Death
#2 - Glory in Death
#3 - Immortal in Death
#4 - Rapture in Death
#6 - Vengeance in Death
#7a - Midnight in Death - novella in "Silent Night" anthology
#8 - Conspiracy in Death
#9 - Loyalty in Death
#11 - Judgment in Death
#12 - Betrayal in Death
#12a - Interlude in Death - novella in "Out of This World" anthology
#13 - Seduction in Death
#14 - Reunion in Death
#16 - Portrait in Death
#19 - Visions in Death
#20 - Survivor in Death
#21 - Origin in Death
#22 - Memory in Death
#23 - Born in Death (hardback)
#24 - Innocent in Death (hardback)
#25 - Creation in Death (hardback)
#26 - Strangers in Death (hardback)

You'd need these to round out your collection:

#5 - Ceremony in Death
#7 - Holiday in Death
#10 - Witness in Death
#15 - Purity in Death
#17 - Imitation in Death
#18 - Divided in Death
#22a - Haunted in Death - novella in the "Bump in the Night" anthology
#24a - Eternity in Death - novella in the "Dead of Night" anthology
#27 - Salvation in Death
#27a - Ritual in Death - novella in the "Suite 606" anthology
#28 - Promises in Death

22 books for $20 total plus shipping! You can't beat that with a stick. I'll take an Amazon gift card (preferred) or Paypal (no credit card).

CALL NOW, OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY!! (What is this, a Ronco commerical??

Thanks for looking! :)


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These are sold and will be on their way shortly to a new home to be read and loved. :)  This thread can be moved to the archives now, Betsy or a global mod/admin!
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