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As i have been going back and forth from Amazon's chat the Kindle Boards i have found dishearted readers can't get the new Plum Spooky for there kindle readers.  There is a place to voice your concern on the amazon page for Janet Evanovich books.  This is just not right for all of us who have made the commitment to invest hard earned money in our Kindles so we can read today what we would have had to wait days to get by mail.  The other option would have been to get in the car and drive to the book store to find it out of stock.  Are we going to be treated like second class citezens? We bought our Kindles so we could read what we wanted to right now and not wait.  I wonder how many other writers have made the decision to wait till the rush of over priced books is over to lower the price and then make the books available to the Kindle users. I have only had my Kindle for less then a week but i am very sad to find out that i don't matter as much as the person in the store that just shelled out mega bucks for there books.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil.  I have squeaked what about you?  :mad:  If this shocks you as much as it shocks me write an email to your authors and let them know that you and your friends would love to ban there books.  I would be on board with you for this cause. 
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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