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Japan Royalties

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I just took a look at my January report and saw something that simply can't be right. I sold 2 books in Japan, but it shows that I made 245.00. What does this translate to in U.S. dollars?
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It's about $2.64.
When you need to know, just type 245 yen in dollars in Google.  ;)
I must say I enjoyed the momentary dream of $245 better.  ;D  Thanks for showing me the light.
That represents a bloody good effort! I've never cracked that market, or in fact most (any) of the other markets on the report page.
I must say I enjoyed the momentary dream of $245 better. ;D Thanks for showing me the light.
You're welcome! ;)
In Japan, very few people speak English well enough to read it books. On top of that, they were very late to get Kindles. And then you have to remember that Japan has the highest paper-book and newspaper readership by percentage of the population IN THE WORLD. Not much of a market then!

You'll get a few sales, but those are most likely from Americans who happen to be in Japan with their US-bought Kindles who happen to be using the localized Amazon site.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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