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JASON COSMO was my first novel, published by Signet in 1989. I have now released a Kindle edition: Jason Cosmo

This ebook reflects the text of the paperback original, with minor corrective edits.

A word of caution, because I don't want anyone to be misled: My 2009 book HERO WANTED (also available in Kindle, and which has a thread of its own here at KB) is a revised version of JASON COSMO. Same basic story, but with several new scenes, an extra chapter, and other changes throughout, including line-by-line revision of the prose. If you've read HERO WANTED, please don't buy JASON COSMO thinking it is a brand new story or a sequel to HERO WANTED. It is actually an older incarnation.

Now, so long as you realize that, I don't mind you buying both books! :) I encourage it! Compare and contrast! Make it the subject of your English thesis! Knock yourself out! (Actually, don't do that last one. Concussions are bad.)

So why two versions of the same book, and why release the old version after writing the new? I wrote HERO WANTED because I wanted to reboot the series and make a fresh start after being so long away from the books. I only decided late last year to release the original version, JASON COSMO, as an ebook. Two reasons: One, requests from longtime Loyal Readers who had the old paperback and wanted the original as an ebook. Two, people are still buying used copies of JASON COSMO at Amazon and elsewhere, so I figured I ought to release an ebook and grab some of that business. (Yes, shameless profiteering! Can there be any purer motive?)

Again, bottom line -- JASON COSMO is the original version, HERO WANTED is the new and (I hope) improved version. Read either, both, or neither as it suits you, but please read responsibly.

Dan McGirt

PS: Yes, ebooks of the original versions of ROYAL CHAOS and DIRTY WORK will follow, completing the original Jason Cosmo Non-Trilogy.

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Welcome to KindleBoards, Dan, and congratulations on your book!

(If you've gotten this welcome before, it's just as a matter of housekeeping. We like to put a copy of the "welcome letter" in each book thread. It doesn't mean you've done anything wrong, it just helps us know that you know the rules.)

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