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JET Kindle World details

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The JET Kindle Worlds, in partnership with Amazon, is now officially slated for launch on July 31. Details on the opportunity are available on my blog at

I know I promised to get details out ASAP, but I've been overwhelmed with the release of my new Ramsey's Gold. Now that it's launched, I'm turning to Kindle Worlds.

Check out the blog for the details. Folks interested in participating as launch authors can email me at [email protected] - I'll be doing author profiles, providing support, etc. so it's a cool way to connect with a readership of hundreds of thousands of folks who have read the JET series.

Sorry for being all spammy, but I've gotten a few emails from people saying, "well, where are the details you promised?" So I've now discharged that obligation!
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Thanks!  Nice to see you here again ... if only for this announcement. :)
Great news, Russell! Also glad to see that writers will retain the rights to characters they create. Hopefully that will be the way forward for KW.
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