Looking for an engaging "Match 3" game on your Kindle Fire? Give "Jewel Drops" a try! This recently-released game from Bullbitz is available now for just 99 cents.

In this game, you swap and swipe jewels to line up three of the same jewels. A unique obstacle called a "scarab" can appear, which cycles through different phases when you match jewels adjacent to the scarab. Once it has cycled through its phases, the scarab disappears. Other obstacles include a "netted jewel" and a "crook and flail and jar." The on-screen instructions give clear guidance on how to remove these.

As you advance through the game, clearing jewels, you level up to tileboads of increasing difficulty. You also have the ability to power up by matching 4 or more jewels.

As we've seen with other Bullbitz games, the app is generously featured with 300 levels, five difficulty modes, 15 power up combinations, and enough special obstacles and power-ups to keep the game challenging and interesting to play. Click on the screenshots below for larger views of the gameplay.

"Terrific! This is a great jewel drop. As always with Bullbitz games, no in-app purchases or begging for lives from friends. I've been playing balloon drop practically non-stop the last week and in comparison, balloon drop has more exciting graphics. But I love them both. Another winner Bullbitz.After playing a few hours today, I can add that watching the scarabs fly when you make enough matches around them is awesome. Totally worth the 99 Amazon coins to purchase." -- Diana, Amazon reviewer

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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