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I have read all 11 of the Joe Pickett books by C.J. Box.  Joe Pickett is a game warden in Wyoming.

The problem with Joe is that he is totally honest, but surrounded by people that are not honest.  He also has a heart of gold and that gets him in trouble.

If he hadn't been burdened with honesty and the willingness to help others he wouldn't have gotten shot and hurt so often.  He would also have gotten richer instead of having to live on a meager state salary.

Meanwhile his mother-in-law started out poor and was living with him.  By using her female charms and dishonesty, she manages to upgrade husbands and get rich in the process.  With such a great example, you would think he would learn that being honest has its drawbacks, but alas, he doesn't.

So if you like an honest, likeable loser, then you will like Joe Pickett.

Have you read any of the Joe Pickett books by C. J. Box and did you like them?

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