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Judas Times Seven

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My name is Brian Beecher.  I live in Villa Park, IL, which is 20 some miles west of Chicago.  I am creating this thread to promote my book dealing with the dark side of office politics.  Inspired by a real-life situation, JUDAS TIMES SEVEN, published by AuthorHouse, is a story of greed, betrayal and jealousy in the demanding modern corporate office where politics and political correctness have the tendency to trump reason; where petty jealousies can and often do lead to real-world consequences.  Bruce, the story's male lead, is a resourceful data entry operator at a bank processing facility.  It is a new beginning for him after a period of disability following a fall.  Glad to have a new lease on life, he vows to let a feeling of discontent wash over him, then try to concentrate on the positives in his life rather than the negatives.  This becomes easier once he develops an attraction for Janice, his lead person on the job and story's female lead.  He then tries harder to put his best shoulder to the wheel and guide his activities in the direction of best advantage.  Sensing that she may have an attraction for him as well, one day he chooses to come clean, thinking it would clear the air.  He feels the need to get this off his chest, and that doing so tactfully would make him quite persusasive. But precisely the opposite happens when a cadre of seven people begin to plot his ouster.  Should be a must-read for anyone concerned with restoring a sense of fairness to the workplace.  Hope you'll all check it out and let me know what you think.
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