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On June 18, 1948, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights adopted its International Declaration of Human Rights.

On June 18, 1884, Edouard Daladier, the French politician who was a signer of the Munich Pact of 1938, was born. Following his death on Oct. 10, 1970, his obituary appeared in The Time.

On June 18, 1881, Harper's Weekly featured a cartoon about the resignation of New York two U.S. senators.

On this date in:

1812 The United States declared war against Britain.

1815 British and Prussian troops defeated the French under Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo in Belgium.

1873 Suffragist Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for attempting to vote in the 1872 presidential election.

1928 Aviator Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean as she completed a flight from Newfoundland to Wales in about 21 hours.

1940 With the World War II Battle of Britain looming, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill urged his countrymen to conduct themselves so that future generations would say, "this was their finest hour."

1945 Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower received a tumultuous welcome in Washington, D.C., where he addressed a joint session of Congress.

1948 Columbia Records unveiled its new long-playing, 33 1/3 rpm phonograph record.

1979 President Jimmy Carter and Soviet President Leonid I. Brezhnev signed the SALT II strategic arms limitation treaty in Vienna.

1983 Astronaut Sally K. Ride became America's first woman in space as she and four colleagues blasted off aboard the space shuttle Challenger.

1996 Richard Allen Davis was convicted in San Jose, Calif., of the 1993 kidnap-murder of 12-year-old Polly Klaas of Petaluma.

2002 A Palestinian detonated a nail-studded bomb in a Jerusalem bus, killing 19 passengers and himself.

2004 An al-Qaida cell in Saudi Arabia beheaded American engineer Paul M. Johnson Jr., posting grisly photographs of his severed head on the Internet; hours later, Saudi security forces tracked down and killed the alleged mastermind of the kidnapping and murder.

2004 European Union leaders agreed on the first constitution for the bloc's 25 members.

2006 Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori was elected the first female presiding bishop for the Episcopal Church, the U.S. arm of the global Anglican Communion.

89 Ian Carmichael

83 Tom Wicker

70 Lou Brock
Baseball Hall of Famer

67 Roger Ebert
Movie critic

67 Paul McCartney
Rock musician

62 Constance McCashin

62 Linda Thorson

59 Mike Johanns
U.S. senator, R-Neb.

57 Carol Kane

57 Isabella Rossellini

48 Alison Moyet
Rock singer

46 Bruce Smith
Football Hall of Famer

42 Tim Hunt
Country musician

40 Sice
Rock musician (The Boo Radleys)

38 Mara Hobel

38 Nathan Morris
R&B singer (Boyz II Men)

34 Silkk the Shocker

33 Alana de la Garza
Actress ("Law and Order")

33 Blake Shelton
Country singer

29 Antonio Gates
Football player

20 Renee Olstead

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