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Junior, by Ray Donley
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395 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 13 reviews

"I loved that the author gave the reader some thought-provoking questions and mixed a little humor in with all the seriousness of the mayhem that takes place in this book. You never know what Donley is going to write next. I can see this book becoming a movie with sequels or even a miniseries. If you looking for a book that is entertaining as well a little serious than this is the book for you." -- Amazon reviewer
Junior is a diary kept by Joshua Jennings, Jr. of the three years he spent evading law enforcement authorities seeking to arrest him for blowing up the president, vice president, and his father, Joshua Jennings, Sr., at a campaign rally. Junior was eventually exonerated but then promptly disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. Junior's diary, however, was published and became one of the world's most popular books. Junior is a 21st century Americanized version of the three year ministry of Jesus Christ, only funnier and and without the gory ending. Think the gospel of John written in a Vonnegut/Hiaasen style. Joshua is the Hebrew form of the Greek name Jesus.

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Ray Donley's childhood dream was to play point guard in the NBA. When that dream died, he became a lawyer, a profession in which foot speed and fast twitch muscles are not a prerequisite to gainful employment. After writing factually accurate and mostly boring legal briefs for thirty years, Ray decided to write a novel so he could just make stuff up. He researched, as lawyers do, and determined that what the world needed was a novel that combined his interests in the Bible, sports, cosmic cause and effect, silly religiosity, and movies where things get blown up. Ray lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, who is also an attorney. Their two wonderful daughters attend college.