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Just checking in.

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I rarely come here. It seems the Amazon boards are my *hang-out*. Over the last couple days I started a thread with helpful info that I have consolidated on my Kindle, and posted it to help others. well, I was asked there to come post it here, so it is in the hints and helpful things forum. Some is older, T. Beck's original posting for the free books, with some additions to it, and then there is a fair amount of additional information, from others as well as from me.

As to who I am, I am a high school teacher with 3 teenage kids, their various friends/gf/bf, a hubby, 1 pound puppy who is 7, 2 cats and 2 kittens , and 3 K1's in the house. Never saw the need to upgrade to the K2, not that big an improvement to me, and I like my SD card and the idea I can change the battery myself (not needed to yet but one never knows). I have been called a techno geek in the past, and am ok with it, though my sons are MUCH moreso than I.

As my kids are finally reaching the stage where I don't need to tailor my schedule around theirs, I am going back to school (class started today) to get my BSN (Bachelor sciences nursing) and the DX is looking more and more like something that I may need to get.  I figure the cost savings on textbooks alone would pay for the DX within a year.
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Greetings and Welcome, BTackitt! I think we have some things worth your time exploring here, as well. Thank you for the post.
Welcome to Kindleboards, BT!

I'm doing the reverse of what you're doing  --  currently working on a teaching degree for a new career tailored around a kid-friendly schedule.  :D

Enjoy being back in school!

Welcome to the boards BTackitt :) nice to have you here.
Thanks for the welcome. and I messed up my intro a tiny bit.. the help thread I was asked to post is in the tips and tricks thread.. not helpful hints.. Oh well.. c'est la vie.
Hello BTackitt and welcome to KindleBoards!
Hi BT - hope you will spend some more time over here, we love people that can give us hints and tips and have dogs and cats and DHs and kids!
Hey BTackitt,
You've been a registered member here for a lot longer than most of us.
Please hang around more often and share.
The best thing about KB is what we learn from each other (my opinion anyway).
Thanks for the tips you have shared.

Just sayin.....
Welcome, nice to have you here.
Welcome!  :D
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