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Just made it to the TOP 100!

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When I chose to wear on the day of the launch of my book the same corset I wore in my wedding day, I thought it would be the only similarity between two very special moments of my life. But no. As I discovered, there is a lot more in common between a wedding and a book launch. Consider this:

1) The bride is uncapable of drinking or eating anything. So is the author.
2) The bride can't pay attention to everyone who had the patience to attend the event. So can't the author.
3) The bride kisses someone every time she turns anywhere. So does the author.
4) The bride is very nervous, and when it's time to speak she chokes up with emotion. So does the author.
5) That day, the bride receives infinite love from the most important people in your life. So does the author.
6) For the bride, two hours seem ten minutes. Same for the author.
7) At the end of the night, the bride is worn out but can't fall asleep due to the excitement. So does the author.
8) In the next day, while remembering the moments and people that were at her side, the bride gets emotional. So does the author.

Thanks to all who shared this important day with me. And thanks to all who could not attend but sent their good vibes.

If you'd like to check the corset just click the link below (pics from the book launch:)). Sorry for any typo, but my portuguese blog posts are still in my translators cue so I translated this one on my own... :p
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Welcome to KindleBoards, Filipa, and congratulations on your book! :)

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Welcome to the KindleBoards!
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Hi everyone!

Yesterday and today my novel is free for the 1st time on KDP.

So far, #79 overall and #6 in Women's Fiction.

Hope you can spare a few seconds to get your free copy!

Tks for all the great advice and support I've gotten since I discovered KB just a few months ago.



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Congrats, Filipa! My co-author and I did a free KDP download of our novel and got as high as #6 in the Epic Fantasy section and #7 in the Family Saga department, so I understand your excitement!  :D Hooray for you!
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