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Just me Venting. You can ignore this. Really.

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Beacon (Now Part 1) has been out since December. It's done well. I'm serializing it. The second part is coming out in about a week. The tale, originally intended as a one-shot, had a free run in late December that pushed it to #2 in free science fiction.

More to the point, it's selling. So is Revenant Man. They're not moving tons of books, yet, but I'm steadily moving a few every week. I'm picking up reviews -- here and on Goodreads. A few were submitted. Most weren't.

I'm generating also-boughts for other authors. I've got an also-bought list on my books' Amazon pages. But I think it's not reciprocal yet, or at least I can't find any evidence that it's reciprocal. That makes me want to gnaw my own arm off and chase people around, beating them with it.

Yes, I know I'm overthinking this comparatively minor detail, and I know I should be focused on the long-term outlook, and pay more attention to the other vendors (I'm also on Pubit, and Kobo, and soon to be iBooks), but...Amazon is the king. And they are taking their time at givin' me sweet lovin'. If I'm selling books, and other authors are getting linked from my books,, shouldn't I get linked from their books?

Many of you would rightly call me out on whining. That's fine. But one has to vent every now and then, or they go nuts and start counting ceiling tiles. Bear with me.

I'm just frustrated.

Ignore me, and carry on. Or, you can always throw tomatoes. Just wipe off the stocks, first, because that last guy was a drunk, and a drooler, and I don't want to be chin-in on his slobber.
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I think I'll save my tomatoes for lunch.  ;D

Do you mean that when you check other book pages you aren't listed in the also bought app?

(forgive me, I'm new.)

Just curious...
Indeed, grasshopper. Heck, Revenant Man doesn't even have an also-bought list generated yet. Ugh.
I wonder if there's someplace you could go on Amazon to see what "also bought" lists you're on.
Jonathan C. Gillespie said:
Indeed, grasshopper. Heck, Revenant Man doesn't even have an also-bought list generated yet. Ugh.
Okay. I see what you mean. Thanks for helping.
I could be wrong, but I think Select free days help with that.

I found this link where there's a brief explanation how books in the also bought app get put together.
Select FREE days do help with Also Boughts but they can backfire a bit too. Keep in mind people horde free books still. After a free run, I've had everything from "How to" books to cookbooks to erotica in the Also Boughts for my scifi book.
One way to find out where your book is listed, in other books' alsobots:

Google this:

"your title" your name "customers who bought"

I don't know how thorough a list that brings up but it does show some.
I think it's to be expected that also-boughts are not reciprocal:

Let's say my mom was the only person who bought my book Unknown Potter and the Chamber of Egrets. She also bought Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, because everybody bought Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets. So Harry Potter is in Unknown Potter's also-boughts. But Unknown Potter wouldn't be in Harry Potter's also-boughts, because almost nobody who bought Harry Potter also bought Unknown Potter.,

Generally, we should expect that top sellers will show up in a lot more also-boughts. And, unfortunately, we won't be on their also-boughts. :(
Jonathan, I just clicked on Revenant Man in your signature, and when the page opened up, underneath your book was a 'Customers who viewed this item also viewed:' list. In your list right now I can see Beacon part 1, Sojourns Through Troubled Worlds, Cindered Souls, as well as Sins & Needles by Karina Halle, and Wool part 1. Does that help even a little bit?
I appreciate it, Shayne, but I was befuddled that they hadn't populated the also-bought list for it yet. Since the book came out in August.
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