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I'm hopelessly addicted to buying new covers for my Kindle (for testing purposes...yeah, that's my story!) I could send these back, but I thought that instead I'd list them here to see if anybody wants them.

1. M-Edge Green Platform Jacket. Never been used. $36 shipped

2. M-Edge Fuchsia Prodigy Jacket. Again, never used $36 shipped SOLD

3. Finally I have an Oberon Purple Butterfly (velcro) that has never been used. Oberon offered to exchange it, but honestly, I've taken so long trying to decide which one to exchange it for, I'm just going to sell it and buy a new one when I make up my mind. I have a dragonfly charm and an extra bungee I'll send with it. There is nothing wrong with it other than it wasn't the shade I was expecting. The picture I took doesn't do it justice (looks blue in the picture, but it's not). $60 shipped

Overall, they're about 20% off with free shipping on covers that are basically brand new. I'd rather help a fellow member out if I can.

I'll take payment via Paypal or Amazon Gift card (If you pay with Paypal, I can accept credit cards. If I receive payment early enough today, I'll ship this afternoon via USPS priority.

ETA: I thought I had a tree charm, but discovered it was a dragonfly (should have looked first!)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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