Hi. I've got a Kindle 2 I'd like to find a new home for. Free, you pay shipping (probably would be about $6-9. I'm in Vermont). There's a couple issues. As many of you know, this kindle doesn't have wi-fi, it came with just 3G cell connection, and 3G is no longer a supported cell phone connection. So you can't connect to the internet to download books. You can connect it to a computer with a standard micro-USB cord and side-load books. But you can't register it with your Amazon account (they no longer support it) so if books have DRM (digital rights management), which many books an Amazon have, you can't read those books on this kindle because there's no way to get Amazon to allow you to download the books in a way to work on this kindle.

So the only books you can read on this kindle are book with no DRM (or with the DRM removed, if you know how to do that), and you sideload the books using your computer.

The other problem is that there are some scuffs on the screen (fairly minor - how noticeable they are depends on how the light is hitting the screen) and there are two little blobs of darkness on the screen (about the size of a piece of rice, so small, but noticeable) from where the e-ink screen isn't working right. You can totally read through the blobs - they're small. But could be annoying. No charging cord is included, but it's standard micro-USB.