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KDP updates to blurb taking over 24 hours

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As some of you know, I spent some time this weekend working on a new blurb for my book. I put the blurb up Monday morning. Well, as far as I can tell, it's been a flop. So I tried to update it back yesterday to the previous blurb.

In the past when I have updated a blurb, I still have to do the whole "publish" process which usually takes six to eight hours. But the blurb updates show up usually an hour or two later. This time it's been almost 30 hours now, and the blurb is not showing and the status still shows "Live Updates Publishing." It has never taken this long before.

I sent a ticket to Amazon to alert them several hours ago but have heard nothing back.

Any advice? I feel like I am losing sales with this blurb and want to get the blurb back that was working.
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People are seeing tons of delays. You just have to wait it out.
It's been 24 hours since I updated my keywords. I was beginning to worry, but if its been over 30 for you, then I guess I still have some waiting to do.    :( 

Hope they switch your blurb soon.
Exactly the same thing here. Usually I make a change to the blurb and see the result after eight hours or so. A few hours later I get the email saying "Your book is now available!" as if it wasn't before.

But, I made minor changes in the text and haven't seen any results yet.

One of the things annoying about blurbs is that if you try to add any special formatting, you can't always be sure of what you get. So you need to experiment, and wait 12 hours to see if what you tried worked.  I'm testing some new ideas with the latest update, and I'll pass on the tips if they work.

I should have listened to the advice to not change anything that was working. Sigh.. I worked two days on that blurb, did everything "right" I thought, followed all the rules, and it landed like a gob of mud on the dining table.

almost 48 hours here  :eek:
30 hours here and waiting so you're not alone!  8)
Waiting for an update here too. Changed my price from $0.99 back to $3.99. It usually happens fast, but this time it's been over 24 hours.

Wish I'd run another 99-cent promo today.
Finally, it just updated. Yay!
I've seen a decline in Amazon's customer service as well as KDP customer service. Deliveries are taking much longer now than normal, and emails sent to KDP remain unanswered for days, when just a year ago, they were answered within 12-24 hours. My guess is that they're falling behind due to a flood of new content, and diversification in their reach/services.
I uploaded new covers (minor tweaks) to two short covers and it took about nine hours for them to switch over.
publishing short mystery story: 30 hours and still waiting
I waited 38 hours but it got there in the end. Not fun.
We seem to experience lags like this every couple of months or so. KDP customer service is definitely feeling the pressure.
Indeed, there have been some delays in the last few days. But it should be working fairly normal now. My friend sent a message to KDP support and they apologized with the delays and said it was 100% their internal issues and that they were working hard to fix it.

Nice of them to at-least admit they screwed up, but it's still annoying when it happens. My friend waited 8 days for his freshly published book to get a Look Inside preview. And everyone knows how important it is to get a new book rolling as soon as possible. But without a Look Inside, he was stuck. Not able to really schedule promotions or anything.
Every change I had made for my books finally fell into place this morning (US, EST for me), so, after a long wait, all's well.  Hope same for you, too.
Mine updated also. Definitely sounds like a software glitch on their end, and perhaps everything will be fine from now on (or for a while).
Well, this morning I made changes to the descriptions for two books, then I got the "Congrats, your book is live" email for both, but the descriptions have not changed. I'll give it some more time.
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