Today I want to introduce you to a fantastic cover artist. Keith from has been wowing our KindleBoards authors - and readers - with his spectacular cover art. I invite you to take a look at this KindleBoards thread for some samples and for the reactions from other KB members.

As Keith says to authors, "the covers are as important to me as the books are to you, and I love my work."

Here are some recent covers from Keith; I've included a few more further down in this post.

With over 25 years working in the field of commercial art, Keith has accumulated a wide skill set, including: advertising and marketing, graphic design, logo design, branding and typography, as well as 3D rendering, photo retouching (airbrushing), photo compositing and, of course, illustration.

This experience puts him in the unique position to produce book covers with a complete understanding of all the factors required to bring attention to your book. And since book covers were what drove Keith into commercial art in the first place, his love for the work shines through.

If you have a specific idea for the cover he will work on that, but he is just as happy to read your book and present you with ideas before committing to final art. As the covers below indicate, Keith works in any genre without any difficulty.

All of Keith's work is produced at print resolution, and three files are supplied upon completion:
1. 6 x 9 inches at 300 dpi with bleed
2. 6x9 at 300 dpi without bleed
3. kindle format

If you have any special requirements, he can usually accommodate them at no extra cost.

If you want to contact Keith, you can either email him at [email protected], or message on Facebook ( or through KindleBoards (;sa=send;u=46014)

Cover prices start at $200, but look out for the special offers which he runs regularly from this thread on KindleBoards (,126284.0.html). That thread also has numerous customer testimonials.

Click on the thumbnail images below to see these amazing covers in larger format!