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Hi all

has any one bought one of the keyboards for the fire hd ? I see from Amazon that they also sell Bluetooth ones for very reasonable prices. I'm getting on fine with the touchscreen but I think for when I do longer emails ext it might be better. also will it still have predicted text on it,I am finding that really useful.
btw have had my kindle since Christmas and it's my very first one.
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Welcome and congratulations on your Fire!

There are a couple of keyboard threads here I'll post links to, and I'm sure some folks will be by with their favorites.,134816.0.html,135799.0.html,134805.0.html

The last thread is about the keyboard I have, which I absolutely love, though it's a bit more expensive. I have multiple devices I switch between, frequently within minutes, so the "easy-switch" is invaluable to me. (I mostly use my iPad; but often switch to my Fire for email and web searches and my iPod Touch for texting.)

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