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Update: Sold as of 2/23

Like many others, I couldn't resist the urge to buy a Kindle 2, so I am selling my original Kindle to help offset the costs. My Kindle 1 is just over a year old, so the original warranty has expired, but it is in great condition and works perfectly. It has only left the house once last summer on vacation (it was stored with my laptop and kept very safe) ... other than that it has been stored on a shelf next to my reading chair while not being used.

The book cover, which is the standard amazon black cover, has a few creases, mainly on the spine. This is from having the front flap folded back while reading. A 2GB SD card is also included, and the Kindle will ship with the original box. It has been deregistered, but the current books which are listed below have been left on the device. (My personal bookmarks & clippings have been cleared for convenience.)

I am asking $235, this price includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail with Insurance and Delivery Confirmation. Payment will be accepted through Paypal, and I will ship within 1 business day of payment clearing. If you are interested please send me a PM to arrange transaction, or please PM me or post here with any questions you may have!

I took some photos and they are available online at Clicking the thumbnails on that page will bring up a larger view, or there is a Download link for higher resolution versions below each thumbnail.

Included in Sale:
Amazon Kindle eBook Reader
Original Cover
2GB SD Card
Wall Charger
Original Box
Printed "About Your Amazon Kindle" Booklet
USB Data Cable [Not original USB cable - this is a shorter 20" cable (see picture). I will include a 6 foot USB extension in the box, although it will be black instead of white]

Books (Amazon):
Kindle User's Guide (
A Dangerous Man: A Novel (Charlie Huston)
The Amazon Kindle FAQ (Leslie H. Nicoll, Joshua Tallent, DeLancey Nicoll)
The Amber Spyglass: His Dark Materials (Philip Pullman)
Angels & Demons (Dan Brown)
Beginning Linux Programming (Richard Stones, Neil Matthew, Alan Cox)
Blasphemy (Douglas Preston)
Blink (Malcolm Gladwell)
Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)
Caught Stealing (Charlie Huston)
Common Sense (Thomas Paine)
Complete Idiot's Guide to Robert's Rules (Nancy Sylvester)
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Zen Living (Eve Adamson, Gary Mcclain)
The Constitution in Exile(Andrew P. Napolitano)
Cryptonomicon (Neal Stephenson)
The Dark Art of C# Programming: .Net Core Language (Gaia Asher)
Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Jeff Lindsay)
The Disciplined Investor - Essential Strategies for Success (Andrew Horowitz)
Discover Your Inner Economist (Tyler Cowen)
Duma Key: A Novel (Stephen King)
Empire of Debt: The Rise of an Epic Financial Crisis (William Bonner, Addison Wiggin)
The Federalist Papers (James Madison)
The Foreign Correspondent: A Novel (Alan Furst)
Freakonomics, Rev. Ed (Steven Levitt)
Free Lunch (David Cay Johnston)
Free-Range Chickens (Simon Rich)
The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials (Philip Pullman)
Gotcha Capitalism: How Hidden Fees Rip You Off Every Day-and What You Can Do About It (Bob Sullivan)
Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (Mignon Fogarty)
The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom (Jonathan Haidt)
The Law (Frederick Bastiat)
Murder List (Julie Garwood)
Mystery of Banking (Murray Rothbard)
Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell)
The Pirate's Dilemma: How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism (Matt Mason)
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (Joseph Murphy)
Prague: A Novel (Arthur Phillips)
Rhetoric (Aristotle)
Secrets Of The Federal Reserve (Eustace Mullins)
Six Bad Things: A Novel (Charlie Huston)
Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Betrayal (Aaron Allston)
Stumbling on Happiness (Daniel Gilbert)
The Subtle Knife: His Dark Materials (Philip Pullman)
The Revolution (Ron Paul)
Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)
This Republic of Suffering (Drew Gilpin Faust)
The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (Malcolm Gladwell)
The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness (Dave Ramsey)
Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better (Gina Trapani)
UR (Stephen King)
Use of Weapons (Iain M. Banks)
The Way of Shadows (Brent Weeks)
What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception (Scott McClellan)
Where Wizards Stay Up Late (Matthew Lyon)
The Whiskey Rebels: A Novel (David Liss)
Yes, You're Pregnant, But What About Me? (Kevin Nealon)
The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead (Max Brooks)

Books (Non-Amazon):
A Shadow in Summer (Daniel Abraham)
Battlestar Galactica (Jeffrey Carver)
Crystal Rain (Tobias Buckell)
Flash (L.E. Modesitt Jr.)
Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Cherie Priest)
In the Garden of Iden (Kage Baker)
Lord of the Isles (David Drake)
Orphans of Chaos (John Wright)
Reiffeins Choice (S. C. Butler)
Soul (Tobsha Learner)
Spin (Robert Charles Wilson)
Starfish (Peter Watts)
Sun of Suns (Karl Schroeder)
The Disunited States of America (Harry Turtledove)
The Outstretched Shadow (Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory)
Through Wolfs Eyes (Jane Lindskold)
Touch of Evil (C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp)

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