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KindleDXinGermany said:
Hello all "battery fully depleted" sufferers,

i had the same problem.
Even using several times the "30 seconds trick" didn't work.

So here is what may be help you (it solved my problem)
(But please don't make me responsible for any damage. This should be used only if all other tricks don't work):

1. Hold the on/off switch in the right position.
2. Stick something in so that the switch can not flip back. (A srewdriver that fits worked fine).
3. Plug in the power source cable. (The yellow led should be on all the time. That's most important.)
4. Let it load several hours.

and ... voila ... the Kindle is alive again :)
This worked for me after everything else failed. My Kindle 2 refused to charge. The orange charge indicator light would go off after about half an hour or so. The "30 second" reset trick also fails (the screen did not blink after releasing the power button, just stays frozen). Here is what worked for me:
1. Hold the power switch in the right position
2. Use masking tape to tape the button in the right position
3. Plug in power cable (orange light should stay on now)
4. Left it overnight
5. Unplug power cable
6. Remove tape, do reset again (this time the unit blinks but still does not reach the Amazon logo page)
7. Plug power cable back in (this time the orange charge indicator light stays on)
8. Charge for 2 hours
9. Unplug power cable
10. Do another reset
11. This time unit completely resets (reaches Amazon logo page and returns to normal)

Note Reset Procedure is outlined here
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