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Kindle 3 does not give warning when battery is about to die. Help!

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The first time my kindle battery died, it warned me that the battery was low a bunch of times beforehand with a little popup box. However, it has died twice since then, and both times it has been unexpected. Very annoying if you're in the middle of a book and have to wait 15 minutes for it to charge enough to keep reading!
Anybody else encountered this? I would appreciate any tips.
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I would suggest you stop trying to run the battery so low.

Take a look at the battery section in the FAQ (,73465.msg1181726.html#msg1181726) - there is no problem with charging the battery up at any time, but you can potentially damage the battery by running it completely flat - especially if you ignore the low battery warning and keep running it lower.

Why do you say you have to wait 15 minutes to keep reading? If you charge from the mains you can use the Kindle while it's charging, if you are charging from a PC then you need to connect and then eject the Kindle at which point it will still charge but you can carry on using it - see,73465.msg1181732.html#msg1181732

For your problem of not receiving the messages, my only thought is to try a restart, Home...Menu...Settings...Menu...Restart. If that doesn't help it might be best to contact Amazon,,73465.msg1181468.html#msg1181468
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Thanks for the tip, will give the restate a try!
I haven't been *trying* to run the battery down; it's just that without the warning I don't think of charging it! I loaded it with so many books initially that I don't often connect it to get more.
And your point about the mains is a good one - I had been charging using the USB till my dad pointed out earlier today that the USB could plug into the mains with an iPhone adaptor. Clever me didn't even think of it, and was resenting amazon for not including an adaptor in the box! Ah well.
Thanks again! Will let you know if the redraft solves it.
At least in the U.S. you should have received a charging adapter along with your Kindle.
In Australia, and perhaps other countries, Amazon doesn't include a wall plug adapter. I don't know why.
I think the logic, such as it is  ;D, is that if you buy in one of the countries in which the Kindle is "natively" available (the US and UK) then you get an adapter, if you buy in other countries then you are buying the international version which does not have an adapter (though you can pay extra and get one).

OP, most generic USB mains adapters will work fine, the only difference you may find is that depending upon the current provided by the adapter it may take longer to charge than with the genuine Amazon one.
You can buy dedicated Kindle cords and adapters with plugs for the UK, Australia, and the E.U. You'll also see there are adapters from Gomadic that may work for other standards as well.
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