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Very weird as I wanted to see what some .mobi files I had created looked like thru my Ipad using the  Kindle Ipad app. The .mobi files I created with just text look fine but when I tried to view some fixed layout .mobi files made from images I just see white pages with no content, just the name of the book on the top of each page.

I know the mobi files are good as they passed validation and some are on Amazon.

I'm on a Mac Pro 10.7.5 connected to an IPad2

any help?

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ralphie -- as with your other question, I've moved this to the Tips Tricks and Troubleshooting question. . . . . or, if it seems to be iPad related rather than Kindle app related, you might ask in the Apple devices area.

I can say that when I've converted files that have images, there's sometimes a whole extra blank page before or after. . . ..

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