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Today's my day, so I'm going to try and monitor stats hourly and see what happens.

930 am, eastern time/1430 GMT- 0 sales/0 comments/3 visits to my book blog

1030-1330, no chngs
1430et/1930- +1(1)/0/0,
1530et/2030gmt to 2130et/0230gmt, holding at 1/0/0
2345et/445gmt, +1(2)/0/0
1215et/1715gmt, +4 (6 total for promotion now)/0 comments/0 blog visits
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It will be interesting to see what happens.
I'm pre-coffee. I read that link and thought you were claiming you'd created html.  :eek:


MegSilver said:
I'm pre-coffee. I read that link and thought you were claiming you'd created html. :eek:

that's awesome- I didn't catch that earlier. Sheesh, I'm a regular Al Gore...
Bump. 1 sale... maybe a west coaster trapped inside by all the cold?
And what do 6 sales in 24 hours mean for me?

I went from overall ranking close to 400,000 to 53,000

My first novel is #76 in Dark Fantasy and #96 in Science Fiction Series

That tells me neither of those categories sell very many books.

Interested to see what Monday brings- more sales as people read up stuff from the weekend?
Wow, that is really cool!  I'm only just becoming aware of how rad Kindleboards is, so do you mind if I ask you how one gets listed in that way?
Harvey posted he wanted volunteers and I happened to see it in time. Yes, it pays to obsessively follow this forum ALL DAY LONG!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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