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Our Kindle Calculator App is now out for $1.

Our past apps include Notepad and Converter which are both rated 4.5 stars.

Note: The Kindle comes with very basic in-built Calculator functionality (you can type in 46*45 on the home page and press enter to get the answer as the first search result). If that works for you you don't have to spend $1 on this app.

On the other hand, our Kindle Calculator is easier and more convenient and has more features - you won't regret spending $1 on it.

You can find help files (downloadable, Kindle and PDF and Word format) at Kindle Calculator Help Page. The app itself has a comprehensive Help section (Menu > Help).

Kindle Calculator Video Page has some videos on using the app.

Main Reasons to Consider Calculator

1) It's Very Easy to Understand & Work with.

As an example, you have the option to use keyboard shortcuts for numbers which are laid out in a NumPad style:

QWE - 789
ASD - 456
ZXC - 123
Shift - 0

Or you can use the cursor.

2) It's Fast to load and runs quick.

3) There is an UNDO function that lets you undo your last few moves. Very convenient if you want to undo a mistake.

4) There is a Calculator History Page that lists your last 10 calculation results and the last 10 numbers you stored in memory.

5) You can choose your personal preferred settings - There are 3 font sizes and 2 themes available.

6) All the functions are well explained. For example the Help section of the app explains clearly how to use % to calculate tips and discounts. There's even a video for it at the Videos Page (linked to above).


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MoonStarRaven, thanks a lot.

We have Address Book on our list of apps that are prioritized. We unfortunately can't speak about apps that we have in development (something about not talking about apps until they are out) but we are hearing the requests loud and clear.


KingAl - No, you're not missing anything.

The two requests we have here are -

a) Add option to switch between degrees and radians.
b) provide a pi key.

As we get more feedback on Calculator we'll draw up a list of most requested things and perhaps do an update. Thanks for the feedback - not promising anything yet but once there's more feedback I should have an answer for you on whether we'll add those two things listed above.
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