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Kindle Countdown Promo 3/25-3/31 - on the cheap

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Since Steam Me Up, Rawley will be (most likely) pulling out of KDP-S in April, I thought I should take advantage of the Kindle Countdown promo.

Since this factors into results:

Genre: steampunk romance
Normal price: $3.99
Sale price: 99cents
Release date: 1/14/15 and was on sale for 99 cents during pre-order and for the first 5 days, when it went up to $3.99 until now.

So here's the slots I booked:

March 25 - AwesomeGang ($10), (free), (free), Julie Kenner Hump Day post (Free), I also posted to twitter, facebook, tsu, and google+ (31 sales)
March 26 - bknights ($5), (free), BettyBookFreak (free)
March 27 - Fussy Librarian ($10) - Romance-Historical, (free), Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains (free)
March 28 - (free), Booklovers Heaven (free)
March 29 - ebooksoda ($10) - His Rom, Robin Reads ($10)
March 30 - (free), ebookhounds ($3) - Paranormal Romance

ENT wasn't an option for me as I used them for this book's release promo less than 90 days ago.

BookBub I'm waiting until I have more books under my belt before I give this a go...

Total: $48 (though I might take out a targeted FB ad)

Contacted, but never heard back from:
  • BargainBooksy
  • excitesteam
  • choosybookworm

I have a small mailing list of 83 subscribers, and will be sending them an email either today, or tomorrow.

This released on 1/14, and after the initial release buzz wore off, sales leveled out to 1-3 sales/KU borrows a day until 3/18, when that line burrowed down and hadn't resurfaced until today with the sale, so the results I get will definitely be part of the promo.

I will update this daily with the previous day's results...
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Good luck and thanks for sharing your info.
Good luck. I've never heard of before.
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