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magodiafano said:
Ok they are going to send me a replacement but this time they want back their kindle.
I am in Italy, do you know if the shipping costs are paid by amazon or me?

And do you know if they are going to send me a new kindle or a refurbished one? because in the email I received, I read that they are not going to send me cables or adaptor like in the original box.
I'm surprised they didn't want the first one back. . .but your being overseas is probably the reason.

The replacement is likely to be a refurbished unit. They don't promise a new replacement after the first 30 days.

If they are going to pay for the return shipping, they usually say to send the old one back in the box the new one arrives in -- within 30 days -- and tell you how to get a shipping label. If they've not done that, then they probably expect you to ship it back at your expense. Which is still less than you'd pay for a new Kindle. If you don't they'll charge your card full the full new price.

Even if they do provide a shipping label it might be for their convenience and they still might charge the shipping cost to you.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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