Today's Kindle Daily Deal: 10 Best-Selling Mystery Novels by Max Allan Collins
Reduced 80% from yesterday's price of $9.99 to $1.99

10 books from the long running Nathan Heller historical mystery series by award winning author Max Allan Collins are just $1.99 each (80% off). Set in the 1930s to the 1950s, Collin's gripping and humorous stories follow Heller, a Chicago private eye with a knack for nabbing high-profile cases involving famous people.

KB Member "The Hooded Claw" says:
I'm a big fan of Collins and this series, and I've recommended individual books from the series before. They are historical detective stories that I tend to describe as "gritty". They aren't violent in the sense that there is a fight or a killing on every page, but these are definitely not cozy mysteries! They are usually very tightly plotted, and Collins does a great job of incorporating historical stuff in them.

If you want to experiment, I don't think it is necessary to start with #1, though once you do read #1, I'd recommend reading the first three in sequence. [KB: the third book in the series is "Million Dollar Wound," the first in today's Daily Deal.] They were designed as a trilogy. I've been meaning to re-read the first three, I haven't read them since the 1980s when they first came out, but there are several later books in the series that I haven't read yet. Stolen Away (about the Lindbergh Kidnapping) and Majic Man (about the Roswell UFO mystery!) are probably my favorites. I reviewed those two and Damned in Paradise in my 80 books thread. I'd say Damned in Paradise is below average for the series, though still a worthy read if you find you do like them.

If you're unsure whether you'd like them, I'd grab one of the inexpensive ones and try it out today. They are very consistent, so if you like one you probably will like them all, and probably ditto for disliking (just my opinion of course. It may or may not pique your interest to learn that Collins apparently has a talent for writing movie novelizations, and has been chosen to write a bunch of them!

Here are links to the individual books:
Million Dollar WoundNeon MirageStolen AwayCarnal HoursBlood & ThunderFlying BlindMajic ManAngel in BlackChicago ConfidentialChicago Lightning
Read the KB discussion and see a list of the complete Heller series here.

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