Today's KDD: Big Maria, by Johnny Shaw. Normally $9.99, now $1.99!

80% off, today only! 331 pages. 43 of 50 reviews four stars and above.

Reviewers rave about the characters in the book, saying that though the characters are far from perfect human beings, you grow to root for them and that they are the heart of the book. A warning, apparently the book has a fair bit of profanity and gross out humor, according to several reviewers, but they loved the book nonetheless.

I've traveled in this part of Arizona; I'm going to pick this one up!

"There's gold in them thar hills"or more precisely, in Arizona's Chocolate Mountains, where one hundred years ago a miner stashed a king's ransom of the stuff. But times have changed. The world has changed. And now the Chocolate Mountains are the home of the largest military artillery range in the world.

Harry's living on disability and getting liquored up and beaten down. Frank's a feisty old-timer battling cancer and a domineering daughter. And Ricky's a good kid in a bad spot, doing everything for family. Together they're staking what little they have left on a dangerous quest to the Big Maria Mine and the gold that can offer them a new beginning.

Unfortunately a meth-dealing biker wants a piece, a trigger-happy AWOL soldier wants to play chicken in a live minefield, two stubborn burros want to go home, a starving mountain lion wants his dinner, and the US Army wants to rain on our heroes' parade with real bombs.
Features: text-to-speech, lending, X-ray and Kindle Owner Lending library enabled.

Whispersync for Voice: Audiobook available for $5.49 if you buy this book.

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