Today's KDD: Breakdown, by Katherine Amt Hanna. Normally $4.99, now $1.99!

60% off, today only! 363 pages. 67 of 84 reviews four stars and above.

Amazon reviewer E.A. Montgomery says:

"My aunt had been encouraging me to read Breakdown but I didn't bother to seek it out. While I trust her taste, I have enough on my TBR pile from the major publishing houses so I generally ignore Amazon Digital titles. Finally, she bought it for me and sent it to my Kindle.

I read Breakdown in one sitting, staying up much too late in the process. There are minor things I'd change about it but it doesn't have the unedited feel I associate with self published work. In fact, at times it reminded me of LaVyrle Spencer's work. Set after a worldwide flu pandemic has radically changed the world, Breakdown picks up several years later. Chris has gone in search of his brothers, painfully making his way through an unrecognizable landscape until he finds comfort in a stranger's home. The atmosphere is close to a sweet americana romance, but the tone is perfectly modern and the setting British. (While this isn't a YA title, it is completely suitable for a YA reader and might make a nice bridge between standard YA fare and more general fiction.) I'll certainly look at Hanna's next work, especially if it's a sequel in the same world."

An influenza plague decimates humanity...

A man loses his wife and baby daughter...

Six years after a pandemic devastates the human population, former rock star Chris Price finally makes it from New York to Britain to reunite with his brother. His passage leaves him scarred, in body and mind, by exposure to humankind at its most desperate and dangerous. But another ordeal awaits him beyond the urban ruins, in an idyllic country refuge where Chris meets a woman, Pauline, who is largely untouched by the world's horrors. Together, Chris and Pauline undertake the most difficult facet of Chris's journey: confronting grief, violence, and the man Chris has become. They will discover whether the human spirit is capable of surviving and loving again in this darker, harder world.

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