Today's KDD: Spitfire by Annette Sandoval
Reduced 60% from yesterday's price of $4.99 to $1.99

Amazon, oh, Amazon, why do you tempt me day after day? Today's Kindle Daily Deal is right up my alley!

The product description: After 28-eight-year-old Tomi Reyes receives an unexpected promotion, her life goes totally insane. First, her boss becomes unbearable, and then two of her friends are found murdered and stuffed inside their refrigerators. Suspecting her boss and fearing she's next, Tomi doesn't wait for the authorities and seeks the killer herself.

And this from an Amazon Vine reviewer:

This was a highly enjoyable book that, at just over 300 pages, goes much more quickly than I would have imagined. There's no "filler" or fluff in any of the chapters that the reader has to trudge through - everything throughout the book is interesting, adds to the mystery, is funny, or is otherwise greatly entertaining. I'd recommend this to anyone that wanted a bit more lighthearted murder mystery, or a funny "city living for a girl with some bad luck" type - it certainly spans genres.
It does kind of make me not want to open the fridge...and me with a newly remodeled kitchen!

Text-to-speech, lending and X-Ray enabled. Kindle Owner's Lending Library (Prime).
314 pages. 27 reviews, 12 of them five stars.

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