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Amazon reviewer Aleksandra Nita-Lazar says:
Marc Fitten managed to capture the ordinary life in an Eastern European village just after the transition of the 1990s., depicting the opportunities (readily caught by some, especially the younger generation) and doubts, old habits and new ideas. The novel's background is excellent, the plot frivolous, the humor, although not the most subtle, irresistible. Although the author would like to be likened to Milan Kundera (whom he quotes for the novel's motto), Italo Calvino and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I am afraid this debut is somewhat of a lighter caliber, reading like a traditional fairy tale, lacking the philosophical depth behind the satire, so prominent in Kundera's novels. I would compare it to Jeanne Harris's "Chocolat" - one could easily envision equally charming film based on "Valeria's Last Stand". I enjoyed reading this book, laughing inwardly most of the time.

When it comes to the sizes of fishes and ponds, Valeria is a whale in a thimble. She harrumphs her daily way through her backwater Hungarian village, finding equal fault with the new, the old, the foreign and the familiar. Her decades of universal contempt have turned her into a touchstone of her little community - whatever she scorns the least must be the best, after all. But, on a day like any other, her spinster's heart is struck by an unlikely arrow: the village potter, long-known and little-noticed, captures her fancy, and Valeria finds herself suddenly cast in a new role she never expected to play. This one deviation from character, this one loose thread, is all it takes for the delicately woven fabric of village life to unravel. And, for the first time in a long time, Valeria couldn't care less.

Valeria's Last Stand is a joyfully wise small-town satire that takes an hilariously honest look at later-in-life romance and the notion that it's never too late to start anew. Review

Amazon Best of the Month, May 2009

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