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Motion To Kill (Lou Mason Thrillers Book 1), by Joel Goldman.

Lee Child and Michael Connelly recommend Motion To Kill! If you like the action suspense and excitement in their books, you'll love Motion To Kill!

"The story line never skips a beat. Fans will set in motion a plea for Mr. Goldman to return with more Mason (Lou not Perry) legal thrillers."

"Lou Mason is the sexy, brilliant but flawed counselor who is thrown into chaos and finds order. The plot leads you to the edge."

Elizabeth Wenig

When two of his partners are killed, corruption, sex and murder fill trial lawyer Lou Mason's docket as he tracks the killer. Will Lou be the next victim? Find out in Motion To Kill, the action-packed, can't-put-it-down first book in the Lou Mason Thriller series!

Think Lee Child's Jack Reacher meets Michael Connelly's Mickey Haller and you'll get Joel Goldman's Lou Mason!

Joel Goldman is the real deal!"
John Lescroart, Bestselling author of the Dismas Hardy thriller series.

"A real page-turner with plenty of action and many surprising twists and turns along the way driven by the wise-cracking protagonist and a great supporting cast."
David A. Berman

"The plot races forward."
Amarillo Globe-News

Grab Motion To Kill, the knockout legal thriller that combines the best of Lee Child and Michael Connelly!

And don't miss the blistering action and thrilling suspense in the next books in the Lou Mason Thriller series, The Last Witness and Cold Truth!

Lou Mason is back in The Last Witness and this time it's personal when his surrogate father, Homicide Detective Harry Ryman, arrests his best friend, Wilson "Blues" Bluestone, Jr., for murder. Mason unearths secrets someone will do anything to keep as he closes in on a desperate killer, setting himself up as the next target.

When a troubled young woman turns herself in for murder in Cold Truth, Lou Mason takes the case - yet something about her story doesn't add up. To catch a killer, Lou dives into a sordid world of money, drugs and a devastating black market where the price for the truth is paid in blood.

And don't miss the Jack Davis Thriller series by Joel Goldman - Shakedown, The Dead Man and No Way Out!
340 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 63 reviews

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The Wheel of Fortune, by Susan Howatch.

Welsh heir Robert Godwin knows everything about his powerful family's interests, but what does he know of his own heart?

Tucked in the hills of South Wales is Oxmoon, the ancestral estate of the Godwin family. In the summers before 1914, music streams through the family home as the Godwins, at the height of their prosperity, dance in the ballroom with their guests. But despite the remarkable talents of heir-apparent Robert Godwin, the fates have a rough, tough ride planned for him and those he loves. Fortunes shift during two world wars, disastrous love affairs leave the family battered, and finally jealousy threatens to destroy Oxmoon and all it symbolizes. Based on a true story that has been updated to modern times, The Wheel of Fortune is a timeless tale of love, hatred, revenge, redemption, and forgiveness. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Susan Howatch including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author's personal collection.
992 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 86 reviews

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Happy Stories!: Real-Life Inspirational Stories from Around the World That Will Raise Your Happiness Level, by Will Bowen.

In Happy This Year!, bestselling author Will Bowen shared his practical philosophy for achieving higher levels of happiness. He helped readers understand that the path to happiness is not determined by their circumstances, but by aligning their thoughts, words, and actions to focus on the goal of happiness. Now, through fifty true stories, Bowen shares how people have taken his philosophies to heart-and are becoming measurably happier!

We all face adversity, setbacks, and stress in our everyday lives. In Happy Stories!, you will learn from people who have faced various hardships and have chosen to achieve happiness in spite of their circumstances. From a man who discovers happiness from the power of shared laughter to a woman who finds happiness through forgiveness, the stories in this collection inspire, entertain, and teach us remarkable lessons on how we can achieve higher and sustainable levels of happiness in our lives.

This book was initially released in episodes as a Kindle Serial. All episodes are now available for immediate download as a complete book. Learn more about Kindle Serials

290 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 46 reviews

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John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 1: Original Sins (Hellblazer New Editions), by JAMIE DELANO.

The very first Hellblazer collection ORIGINAL SINS is available in a new edition that includes John Constantine's appearances in SWAMP THING. This is the first of a series of new HELLBLAZER editions starring Vertigo's longest running antihero, John Constantine, England's chain-smoking, low-rent magus.

This first collection is a loosely connected series of tales of John's early years where Constantine was at his best and at his worst, all at the same time.
304 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 37 reviews

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At the Old Haunted House, by Helen Ketteman.

At the old haunted houseIn a room with no sunLived a warty green witchAnd her wee witchy one.
There are all kinds of creatures in the house: a big Ma monster and her wee monsters two, a scrawny black cat and her wee kittens three, a green Pa goblin and his wee goblins four, and more! Count along as the creatures prepare for the Halloween Fright. The text, written in the pattern of the popular poem "Over in the Meadow," makes reading aloud fun, while the cinematic illustrations set the scene for an unforgettable romp through the old haunted house. Trick or treat!

A Look Inside At the Old Haunted House
At the Old Haunted House

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At the Old Haunted House

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At the Old Haunted House

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34 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 53 reviews

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