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I am selling my Kindle. It has been adult owned for a little over a month and is in as close to brand new condition as you can get without opening a box from Amazon. Both my wife and I got one and we decided that we do not want more than one Kindle.

In addition to all the materials and accessories that came with the Kindle, I am including a premium M-Edge Kindle case that sells for $30 by itself and a Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 book light. It is also under warranty.

Included are the following items:

1) Amazon Kindle
2) Amazon Kindle Case
3) M-Edge Premium Kindle Case
4) Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 book light
5) Amazon Kindle Charger
6) Amazon Kindle Box & Manuals

I am selling it for $290. Please email me if you are interested at [email protected]

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